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Name:Ms. Hong Saseong [Director/CEO/General Manager]
Instant Messaging:
Mobile Number:0815-19869145
Phone Number:62-21-4524999
Fax Number:62-21-4524599
Address:Jl.boulevard Raya RA27 No.2 , Pegangsaan 2 klapa Gading,
Jakarta Utara 14250, Jakarta
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Registration Date:May. 20, 2012
Last Updated:Jan. 19, 2014
Business Nature:Trade of Furniture & Furnishings category

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Company Brief

We are the one of Importers and distributers in the field of;

-. PVC Flooring and Tiles from Korea
-. HPL
-. Compact Laminated Board for Kitchen Top and so on...
-. PVC Edging
-. Kitchen and furniture accessories such as Gas springs, Sink Bowls etc...
-. Building material for Wall papers, Composit Honeycomb panels, Sandwich Panels, Marble Tile + Plastic bottom = Easy Stone.

Please visit to our homepage as follow for more details ;
http: / / www.sejindeco.com

Thank you.

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